Our experience enables us to step in to any environment and design a tailor-made process to address your needs and requirements. During this process we work closely with your Senior Management Team to integrate quality into the business strategy ensuring achievement of your goals of customer satisfaction and cost reduction. 

Our methodology for ISO 9000 implementation uses the most up to date software package developed by the world's leading registrars. This approach provides the most comprehensive and cost effective method, while allowing wide scale ownership of the QMS.

QMC has operated on a philosophy of skills transfer and has developed an approach which is:

a.   Results oriented - focusing on your organization's need to make progress, to give priority to the most critical issues impacting customer satisfaction and to address the cost of poor quality i.e. waste, rework, downtime.

b.  Tailored to your organization - we recognize that each organization is different in management style, culture and organization politics. We therefore tailor the methodology to your specific organization environment

c.    Practical -  the hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure speedy progress and a thorough understanding of the QM and ISO 9000 methodologies.


The unwavering focus of QMC is to see our customers succeed. Our in depth analysis of your business processes and the resultant comprehensive program designed specifically for you will allow you to improve your processes and refocus your resources so that your goals will be met.